About Us

CMS TECH was incorporated on the year 2012. We are a handyman services company made up of skilled and dedicated individuals. With more than 15 years of experiences on handyman crafts, our members leveraged on each other's expertise to form a strong core foundation for our team. Over the years prior to incorporation, our team's strategy had made us one of the most active contractors in the industry specialising on a wide range of handyman crafts.

Throughout the years, many companies have benefited from our professional service. The compliments and positive feedbacks that we received from these clients inspire us to maintain our professionalism. Most of our clients are from the Pharmaceutical Industry, Food & Beverages (F&B) Industry as well as Machinery workshops situated all over Singapore.

Our handyman crafts ranges from Jigs & Fixture, Precision Machining, Metal Fabrication, Automation, CNC Milling, Machine Repair, Plumbing, Installation of Lightings, Door Locks, Painting, and etcetera...

  • Welding Works

    Welding Works
  • Precision Machining

     Fabrication of Equipment & Jigs
  • Pumbling Works

    Reworking of Piping


Going close to the end of 2013, we are expanding our handyman services in Singapore to support even more households in the heartland. Along with our skills, experiences, professionalism and our team's winning strategy, we strive to provide one of the best household solutions to the residents. You can count on us to provide the painting services, the carpenter Singapore wants, the plumber Singapore need and the electrician Singapore requires. From replacing a blown light bulb to laying out new electric cables, our electrician services will make sure that the job will be done safely. From replacing a new tap to clearing clogged pipelines, our plumber services will ensure that the job completes on time. From making alterations in your kitchen to building a custom home theater console, our carpenter services professionals will do them all. Our painting services will also ensure that your house will have a new surreal ambience from painting a single room to the whole interior part of your house. It is a part of our professional service to ensure that we will meet our clients needs at an affordable cost. Take a look at our services to have more insights or for consultations, give us a call straight away at: